• Due to the lack of standardization in BIA technology, there is substantial variability in the measurements made byinstruments of different manufacturers. This variability has important repercussions on the results of research intobioelectrical impedance, and ultimately impacts on patient care. This issue was highlighted in a recent editorialin the Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle, written by two authorities of body composition analysis,namely Maria Cristina Gonzales and Steven B. Heymsfield. These authors stressed the need to standardize boththe terminology to describe body compartments and the diagnostic cut-off values for specific populations,considering the particular BIA device used in the reference study.Hence, for reproducible and precise estimates of body composition, it is necessary to use the same BIA instrumentfrom which the reference values are derived.
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With more than 4000 studies and
over 20.000 users on 5 continents,
AKERN instruments are considered
by specialists the reference
Standard for BIA in the clinical
setting and in research.


BIA story

Since the beginning of BIA analysis,
at Akern and RJL Systems, we have played
a key role in all the main BIA discoverie,
for example, BIA 101 was the first ever device
to receive FDA approval, to provide Body Cell
Mass (BCM) estimates, to use Phase Angle
as a prognostic marker, to detect segmental
impedance and to develop BIVA Analysis
today all these physiological markers are
considered body composition standards   
  ...and our research goes on.

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